Residence permits for highly-qualified staff must be applied for by the companies intending to incorporate foreign professionals in any of the following positions: 

1. Management or highly qualified staff of large businesses or corporate groups, or SMEs in strategic sectors. 
2. Management or highly qualified staff of business projects in the general interest.
3. Graduates, postgraduates from universities and prestigious business schools. 

The employee may choose one of these options to obtain his residence permit:

a. To apply for an highly-qualified professional visa at Spanish consulate in the country of origin, valid for one year
b. To enter in Spain with a Schengen visa and apply for the residence permit as highly-qualified professional, valid until two years, at Large Business and Strategic Groups Unit of the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security. This document can be renewed every two years.

For option 1, the company must meet any of the following conditions: 
Have a workforce of more than 250 employees (at least 3 months prior to submitting the application). 
An annual net turnover in Spain in excess of € 50 million or equity in excess of €43 million. 
An average gross annual investment in the 3 years prior to the application of no less than €1 million from foreign sources. 
The value of the investment stock must be over €3 million. 
SMEs must be in a sector regarded as strategic. 

For option 2, business projects must meet any of these conditions:
− Creation of direct jobs
− Maintenance of employment
− Investment with social and economic impact
− Reasons in the general interest for trade policy and investment.
− Significant contribution to scientific and/or technological innovation. 

For option 3, Graduate or postgraduate title from a University or Business school, duly legalized and translated into Spanish language.


General documents: 
1. Identity document or passport. 
2. Public or private health insurance taken out with a company operating in Spain. 
3. Background check. 
4. Proof of sufficient funds to support the applicant and members of his/her family during residence in Spain. 

Specific documents:

• Documents certifying that the applicable requirement is met: 
- Workforce of more than 250 employees. (i.e. Tc1 of last 3 months)
- Business turnover. (i.e., Annual meeting report)
- Foreign investment: Investments Register Certificate. 
- Strategic Sector: Report of the Directorate
- General for Trade and Investment. 
- Projects considered being in the general interest: Report of the Directorate-General for Trade and Investment. 
- Graduates and postgraduates of universities: university degree or qualification from a prestigious business school. 
• Certificates of the applicant company. (public deeds of corporation, CIF…)
• Copy of the contract or professional relationship between the two parties, company and future employee. 
• Job description. 

The residence permit allows its holder to live and work anywhere in Spain and joint processing for married couples and their children.  Couples are allowed to work in Spain.

The documents needed for family members residence permit are the following:

- For couples: Marriage certificate or Domestic Partners certificate of less tan 6 months, duly legalized and translated into Spanish language
- For children of the employee (no limit of age): Birth certificates of less tan 6 months, duly legalized and translated into Spanish language
- For parents or parents-in-law of the employee: birth certificate of the employee, valid for 6 months, duly legalized and translated into Spanish language.
- Background check, if the person is more than 18 years old.

Ana Marina Dorismond. Ocean Project Director.